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Benefits for you, Benefits for your clients! EU Rep’s affiliate program helps you add value to the relationship with your client, secures them a discounted EU Rep fee and earns you a commission for every client who signs up to the service.

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Earn Commission

Affiliates receive €29 commission for each client they sign up.

Secure a discount for your clients

Affiliate clients benefit from a 10% discount on the signing up fee.

Peace of mind

Affiliates can boost their client relationship by securing a cost-efficient solution to GDPR compliance .

A simple process

There are 4 easy steps to becoming an affiliate. Sign up today and start sharing your discount code immediately with your clients.

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Share your code with clients who can then enter this code to secure their sign-up discount.

Receive commission payments

Affiliates receive commissions automatically at the end of the current month.

Main Benefits

  • Easy sign-up
  • Simple solution
  • Earn commission
  • Secure a discount for your clients
  • Automatic commission payment to you
  • Unique code that can be shared with all your clients


What we offer

EU Rep provides a low cost-aid to GDPR compliance, without the need to establish costly subsidiaries or burden existing ones with specialist requirements. In addition, affiliates secure a discount for clients and a commission for themselves.

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