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DPC announces decision in Whatsapp enquiry

A decade ago when GDPR was just a twinkle in the eye, David Fagan gave a number of lectures including to the Law Society of Ireland in which a developed what might be described as a single transferable speech. Unlike the John Hume original, the conclusion in his speech was not about not being able to eat an identity or a flag, but rather about the fact that the new proposed GDPR might see a levelling down for the CNIL or German DataProtection Authorities, but it definitely would see a serious levelling up for Ireland.

You can access the full LinkedIn article here

And as for levelling up, it looks more like companies are about to be levelled if the WhatsApp decison today is anything to go by.

Remember that the Irish Data Protection Commission wanted to issue a fine in the €30-€50 million euro range, until the European Data Protection Board, which is the ultimate oversight body, insisted that a much higher fine was appropriate.

WhatsApp will appeal this €255 million euro fine to the Irish High Court, but there is no doubt about the direction that enforcement of GDPR is heading.

The full DPC press release is available here