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EU Rep launches affiliate program

EU Rep has launched its affiliate service for all professionals involved in advising non-EU companies about the GDPR.

EU Rep has launched its affiliate service for all professionals involved in advising non-EU companies about the GDPR.

EU Rep is a simple, cost-effective and easy-to-use solution that helps companies based outside the EU comply with the GDPR regulations around selling to people in the EU.

As founder David Fagan explains “Put simply, Article 27 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) states that organisations that process, store or use EU residents’ data, but that are established outside of the EU, must formally appoint a representative in the European Union to represent them on data protection matters”.

As Gail Chalmin explains “If you are a Canadian tyre company or a New Zealand wine company, if you process EU customer or marketing data it is highly likely that you will need to appoint an EU representative”.

Chalmin continued “We work with a number of consultants where Data Privacy is a key topic for their clients. For those Non-EU businesses that hold EU customer data the EU Rep scheme lets professionals offer their non-EU clients Article 27 compliance with an easy-to-use solution. Affiliates get a commission for every client they sign up, and their client also benefits from a 10% discount. Affiliates simply register online at www.eurep.ie, to receive their unique code and share it with their clients”.

And the penalties are huge for failure to comply with Art 27: Administration fines can be €10 million or 2% of global turnover whichever is the greater, quite apart from civil litigation (which has become significantly easier to mount, as material damage no longer needs to be proven by a litigant). For general breaches of GDPR, the administration fines are even higher at €20 or 4% of global turnover, whichever is the greater. Indeed, for some breaches of GDPR, individuals are personally prosecutable, and sentences include imprisonment.

As David Fagan explained, “GDPR carries significant penalties for non-compliance and can damage a company’s reputation, so we decided to create a cost-effective solution. For as little as just €19 per month EU Rep will act as your EU based representative, provide privacy materials and tell you what you need to display, for example on your website”.

With Ireland set to be the only English speaking member of the EU after BREXIT Gail explained how EU Rep aids international companies. “EU Rep acts as your first point of contact if there is a complaint; EU Rep will notify you of the nature of the complaint and can provide additional services to help you, such as translation services or provision of legal advice”.